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Glastar B4 - 8" Diameter Professional Grinding and Polishing Station - Variable Speed

Diamonds provide the fastest, most economical way of grinding glass and stone.  A wide variety of discs are available depending on your needs, from 60 grit to final polish (sold seperately).

Glastar B4 Features:

1 Magnetic disc holding: The discs are held in place by a magnetic head. This means that there is no protruding centre screw, so that the complete surface of the disc is free to be used. Discs can be changed in a few seconds. 
2 Motor: 1/3 HP, industrial quality
3 Splash guard
4 Coolant: Water feed via flexible pipe. The B4 requires a water supply - either directly from a tap using product 201.996 Reduction Connector or by using product 201.703 Recirculating Pump System. Please contact us to discuss your connection requirements.
5 Housing: Moulded structural foam, 13mm thick, rust proof.
6 Base plate: 4,5mm thick, heavy steel. Ensures vibration - free operation.
7 Speed control: Electronic. Speed variable from 0 - 1725 RPM.


Drive shaft
Mounting: Magnetic hub with 1/2" locating nipple
Rotation: Anti-clockwise
Drive: Direct drive
Variable speed moto
Voltage: 50Hz / 230V
Current: 230V / 1.25A
Speed: 0 - 1725 RPM

Weight: 16kg
Dimensions: 33 x 39 x 24 cm

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