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Moist Ceramic Moulding Blanket - 13mm - 91x61cm
Multi-purpose durable moulding blanket, made from ceramic fibre infused with coloidal silica hardener. 915 x 610 x 13mm thickness

Felt is manufactured by combining ceramic fiber with an inorganic bonding agent. It is very pliable with good green strength. Wet Felt may be cut into any size or shape, it may be formed or molded. It will conform to any surface or contour. When dried or fired, it becomes a lightweight resilient ceramic form which can be sawed, cut or sanded without cracking.

Please note some discolouration of product may occur over time, this does not affect product performance.



1)      Cover your model object with foil, then centre the wet blanket over the model and ease into shape firmly to follow the contours of the model. Allow a lip of excess blanket at least 1" larger than the model. Any extra blanket can be trimmed and stored in a sealed plastic bag.

2)      Allow the blanket to dry thoroughly before attempting to remove it from the model. It is best to dry the blanket for 2 - 3 days.  The drying process can be speeded up with the help of a heater facing the mould, a hand-held hair dryer or, by drying in your kiln.  The kiln should be vented and fired slowly to no higher than 80°C (175°F).

3)      The surface of the mould can be sanded, but care should be taken to avoid inhaling the dust.  Wear a suitable respirator and use a vacuum to keep the dust out of the air. Alternatively, any surface imperfections could be filled with kiln wash later.

4)      To cure, pre-fire the fibre mould to 680 - 700°C (1250 - 1300°F) before use.

5)      Kiln wash should be applied and dried in the usual way (50°C/hr to 250°C, hold for 30 mins).


The resultant mould can be used for several firing (possibly 10-20 with good care) but it is not a forever mould.

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