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Bentrup Microprocessor - TC-405-30

The TC405/30 provides up to 30 ramps each followed by a dwell can be sequenced for any shape of firing curve. Multiple heat-up, dwell and cooling are no problem at all. Additional functions for professionals: very slow ramps (down to 0.2ºC per hour), automatic control e.g. of cooling dampers (EVENT), direct manual control of the program, up to 84 programs and many more. Therefore the TC405/30 has become the standard for complex applications in laboratories, glass processing, etc.

You will be surprised how soon you feel confident with your controller! The numerous features of our professional series are convincing: All firing curves are absolutely user definable throughout numerous programmes (both fixed and user definable), highly-precise temperature- and programme process display, power breakdown protection, power consumption counter, keyboard lock, printer output, cooling ramp and many more.

Over the last twenty years the TC-420-30 has become virtually the industry standard for medium sized kilns and has been installed on all BVD, Laser and many other kiln types.

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