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Ceraboard 100 - 10mm thick

Suitable as an underlayer for firing, especially in larger flatbed kilns where a normal kiln shelf is too small. Can also be used for making slumping moulds, drop out moulds, or frit casting boxes. Easily cut to size with a sharp craft knife, or carved into for relief work. Has two sides: a semi-smooth side and a side that imparts a textural granite-like finish to the underside of the glass. Can be glued to itself or to other refractory materials using Hi Temp Glue 950.940.

The board is permanent when treated with Colloidal Silica Hardener, otherwise it will soften and deteriorate over time. Kiln wash required e.g: Bullseye Shelf Primer.

Please note: 100cm x 60cm available for COLLECTION ONLY!

DANGER: Contains Refractory Ceramic Fibres (Aluminosilicate wools) Hazard pictogram GHS08 systemic health hazard.
May cause cancer by inhalation. Do not handle until safety precautions have been read and understood. Use personal protective equipment as required. Please request Material Safety Data sheet prior to order/handling.

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