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This hi-temp adhesive is an air drying adhesive, based on a mixture of inorganic chemicals for use up to 1000°C. It can be used to stick a range of fibre products to ceramic and metallic surfaces.

Application: Fixwool 1000 comes ready to use and can be applied with a trowel or a brush. Porous surfaces should be dampened with water prior to application of the adhesive, ceramic or metal surfaces should be clean and slightly roughened where possible. The product can be air-dried; drying time is dependent upon ambient temperature.  Alternatively, once dry to the touch, slowly heat the piece in a kiln to 500°C at 50°C per hour to ensure it is completely dry before exposing it to higher/faster heating processes.

Shelf Life & Storage: Fixwool Adhesives can be stored for up to 9 months, based on unopened containers kept in cool dry storage conditions. Storage between 5 and 20°C is recommended. (Excessive heat during storage, repeated freezing or leaving containers open to atmosphere will adversely affect shelf life.)

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