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The digital J14 is popular with jewellery makers and those who wish to produce small glass projects. The kiln is made of ceramic fiber for fast heating and cooling. The digital controller yields consistent quality and is a real time-saver. Set the controller and spend your time creating masterpeices instead of monitoring the kiln.

The firing chamber is a one-piece ceramic fiber shell with embedded elements. For greater thermal efficiency, the space between the steel case and the ceramic fiber shell is filled with extra ceramic fiber insulation.

This kiln comes with a vent hole and a door that seals tightly with a heavy spring latch. The controls, located in the base, stay cool for long life. No extra stand is needed, it can be placed straight on your work bench.

Suitable for plugging straight into a standard househld socket, this kiln has a maximum firing temperature of 926C.

Internal Dimensions: approx 33 x 33 x 23cm

External Dimensions: approx 45.5 x 54.5 x 52cm


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