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Glastar - Pressure Blaster including Footswitch

With this system air and abrasive are mixed together under pressure. Both the air pressure and the abrasive flow can be individually regulated, so that the system is suited for very finely detailed projects as well as for those requiring a large, high velocity and a large volume of abrasive. A pressure blaster is faster, more efficient, and more flexible than a siphon system, which requires more than twice the operating pressure, twice air volume, and much larger nozzles, making it really suitable only for surface-etching larger areas.

If you need to sandblast glass any more than occasional surface blasting, the money spent on a pressure blaster will be a good investment.


Enabling comfortable and efficient use of the blaster. Air & abrasive flow are set, and then switched on or off via the footswitch. Both hands are always free.


  1. Nylon Valve Body w/Diaphragm
  2. Footswitch
  3. Pressure regulator
  4. Manometer
  5. Air hose
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