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This is a special order item. The product is ordered from the manufacturer on your request/order only. Therefore the estimated delivery time is 4-6 Weeks.

A universal model, suitable for both large sheets of flat glass, and three-dimensional objects of all kinds.
The unusual construction of the 'Glass Passer' includes slots at the top and sides of the cabin, enabling sheets much larger than the cabin to be passed through it.

Optional Extras:
Gloves: gauntlet type, fixed to an adaptor plate which can be used instead of brushes. Prevents skin contact with the abrasive inside the cabin, and also eliminates abrasive leakage through the brushes.

Convenient Easel: The easel supports glass inside the cabinet while being blasted. It is hand adjustable, which allows the glass to be placed at a comfortable level. The easel is lined with plastic to minimize glass scratches and is removable, in order to accommodate the blasting of larger objects.


  • Front-opening, swing-up door providing easy access to the work, with very large viewing area.
  • Adjustable slot accommodates 2mm to 50mm thich glass (maximum sheet size 180 x 240 cm)
  • Moveable foam gaskets provide a tight seal and are easily replaced.
  • Set of 9 rollers allowing heavy sheets of glass to be moved easily through the cabin.
  • Adjustable feet permitting easy levelling and 2" of height adjustment.
  • Spring-loaded trapdoor keeps the abrasive in the hopper until the blaster needs refilling.
  • Foot rest providing comfort on those long jobs!
  • Elongated double-brush arm holes allowing easy access to all parts of the cabinet.
  • Inner Dimensions (H x W x D): 900 x 760 x 580mm
  • Door size: 900 x 380mm (x's 2)
  • External Dimensions (H x W x D): 1700 x 2030 x 680mm
  • Weight: 64kg
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