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Bullseye Glass Co.

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Bullseye - COE 90

Cold characteristics: Varies from lighter to darker; sometimes with lighter dappling in single-rolled sheets. Generally lighter and slightly more blue/pink than 1311.
Working notes: Color usually deepens on firing. Possible dark interface reaction with selenium and/or sulfur glasses (1122, 1125, 0124, 0125, 1137, 1437, 0137). Less viscous (softer) than most other glasses. Some striking glasses like this one need to be fired slowly during the initial stages of the firing cycle. If fired too fast they may not strike at all or they may strike, but appear spotty and have a blue-brown cast as opposed to the desired target color. A standard full-fuse schedule should work to strike these glasses.
Contains: Led

"Striking glasses" change dramatically to reach target color during firing. Colors may vary, depending on firing schedule, rate, atmosphere, and heatwork. For color-sensitive projects, test before use.

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