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This Adaptor for Glass Drills - 1/2 inch Belgian Thread to 10mm Thread is a part of the flushing system. It is required when using the 1/2 inch belgian thread drills (201.200 to 201.230) with the flushing system (201.721, 10mm thread). Inner thread: 1/2" / Outer thread: 10mm.

Flushing System

The alternative to a professional glass drilling machine. With the flushing system, any standard drilling machine becomes a glass drilling machine with integrated cooling. Drill heads are mounted directly onto the cooling head without the need of an adaptor. The complete flushing systems contains the flushing head (201.721), the drill heads, a coolant circulation pump (201.761), a water tray (201.760) and adaptors (201.722/936) if you are either using drills with a Belgian thread (1/2") or the 10mm thread drills with a professional drilling machine.

This system allows you to drill holes of varying sizes in your glass from 3mm to 80mm. Water is circulated from the water tray, by the pump, through the cooling head and core drill to cleanly and easily cut holes in the glass.

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