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Replacement diamond-coated blade for Taurus 3 ringsaw.

Mega Blade

This heavy duty blade is tear dropped shape and great in a class setting as it is almost unbreakable. The round part of the tear drop faces outward and the pointed part faces inward. This means it cuts faster when pulling towards yourself and slower pushing away and slowest sideways. Great as the shape allows for creative shaping. Cutting action is omni-directional in thin material like stained glass, but forward and backward cuttingis reccommended for thicker harder materials.

*Blade Shape: Tear Drop  .072 Diameter (front) x .150 (front to back), inside is pointed.

*Material Thickness Capacity: 3/4", normal use is fused glass, stained glass, ceramic tile, or stone.

*What to Avoid: Do not cut thin dichroic glass as it will chip easily.

*Average Blade Life: 50-100 hours

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