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Vermiculite Board - 30mm           Please Note: 100cm x 60cm Vermiculite Board available for COLLECTION ONLY!

Vermiculite has a bad reputation because it is often mined in the same places as asbestos, which can contaminate the vermiculite. This particular vermiculite board comes from a mine that is certified asbestos free. It is stronger, more durable, and less expensive than most fiberboard, and can be cut and worked just like wood or particle board.

Vermiculite board has many uses in kiln work: high temperature insulation, making moulds, it can be carved to create structure and used for the Box Casting technique (see Bullseye Tip Sheet No. 5).

Unlike ceraboard, it is not necessary to coat vermiculite board with colloidal silica hardener prior to use, however, it should be coated with glass seperator (ceramic fibre paper) where required.


Tips for use:

● Pre-fire at 280°C per hour to 860°C (or about 30°C higher than the temperature at which you will fire the glass).  Hold for 30mins then crash cool kiln.

● Cut vermiculite into component parts before firing.

● Any holes should be pre-drilled before inserting screws to avoid cracking/bloating.

● Line the vermiculite with fibre paper or separator before firing any glass projects.

● Vermiculite is stronger than most fibreboard but may become brittle after multiple firings.

● Vermiculite can be tooled like wood or particleboard but be sure to work in a ventilated area and wear a NIOSH-approved mask when generating dust.


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