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Bullseye Glass Co.

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Bullseye - COE 90

During the manufacturing process, a roller with a unique pattern or rolling style is used to create the texture on this glass. The final product leaves you with a surface which can be used as an additional design element in your work. As a final stage in production, the glass is coated with an iridised finish.

Although the surface texture will not be able to withstand full fusing temperatures, the iridescent coating will. To maintain both, you can tack fuse. By taking the textured sides of two sheets and placing them face to face, this will trap air while fusing, creating an interesting bubble effect. The Prismatic Texture has parallel vertical ridges, which are the deepest in the range and spaced with equal widths. You may also like Reed or Prismatic textures.

Due to the highly reflective nature of this product, colours may slightly vary from the image shown. To find out more about basic colour characteristics, please refer to our detailed description on the base glass.

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