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Stringer - Aquamarine - 250g - for Float Glass

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Diameter: 1.2 bis 2.2 mm


Aquamarine transparent - lead free

Metallic effect: when fired at a low fusing temperature, a metallic grey film often forms on the surface. This usually disappears at the full melting temperature. To retain the metallic effect, fire as fast and low as possible.


The concept of float compatible accessory glass is to allow you to work; with the most affordable and readily-available base glass - float - and take it to the next level.
There is a pallet which consists of 40 colours of frit and powder in different sizes, stringers and confetti. BoraBora Bubble effects frit are available in 10 colours.

These products are tested COE 82 +/-3, which makes them compatible with most float glasses worldwide. Individual studio testing is recommended, especially in the case of larger projects and multiple firings.

Firing recommendation:

Full fuse - ca. 835°C
Tack fuse - ca. 760°C
Annealing - ca. 520°C

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