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Glastar - Abrasive Reclaimer for DC 100

The Glastar Abrasive Reclaimer sits in-line between your abrasive blast cabinet and dust collector. During use the reclaimer starts collecting and separating sharp reusable abrasive. Pulverised  abrasive travels through the reclaimer and into the dust collector where it is stored and can later be disposed of. The useful abrasive stays in the reclaimer and can be returned to your cabinet for reuse. Results are a 40-60% abrasive savings, longer dust collector life, less often emptying of the dust collector, and extended bag life. The Cyclone Dust Separator Head fits onto a 5 gallon bucket and works on any dust collector with a 2.5" intake hose.

Cyclone Dust Separator Head, bucket and 1 hose supplied.

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