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This metallic powder will add a bit of sparkle to your kilnformed or flameworked glass project.  It can be sieved as a dry powder or mixed with a variety of mediums for painting or airbrushing.  The mica does not melt at glass fusing temperatures but will stick to the glass as it heats.


For a lustre finish, apply a thin layer of the dry powder to the surface of your glass, or make a ‘wash’ by mixing with surgical spirit.

For a bolder look, apply between layers of glass.  Add to a thin adhesive such as Fusers glue (951.057/951.161) or Glastac (951.GTAC) and apply with a suitable brush.

Teaming it up with Color Line Airbrush Medium (933.0136) with allow you to spray a beautiful even coat.


TIP: Don’t forget to air-dry your application before capping (if applicable) and firing.


Available in a handy 30g tub, a little goes a long way!

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