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One of the best, highest quality diamond saws on the market today with a self-contained water supply and capable of cutting glass up to 6cm thick. No guides to get in the way so you can cut 'endless' lengths and widths, as well as inside and outside radius curves.
With similar construction to a standard high quality 10” tile blade, Revolution XT blades deliver at least the same life span at the same price. The difference is the Revolution blades have no centre, and are driven from the outside which delivers several advantages:

1) The ability to make STRAIGHT or CURVED cuts.

2) Easily cut a slice off the edge of your material. The blade remains stable and rigid without wandering.

3) The ability to have diamond coating on the front and back, (with double sided blade) making FORWARD as well as BACKWARD cutting possible.

4) Use the same blade for all materials. There is no need to change blades.

5) Material will never glaze over, so there is no need to ever dress the blade.

Standard Blade:
Sintered diamond blade included with saw. Straight cutting as well as forward curve cuts in all materials.

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