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Bullseye Glass Co.
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Contains: Selenium
May react with: Copper
Cold characteristics: Opaque.
Torch: Depending on the heatwork of the glass, as indicated by color when it is put into an annealing kiln, a range of colors may be achieved. If this glass is put into an annealing kiln with a deep brown hue, a target Cinnabar color will result in the finished piece. If it is very light beige, as opposed to deep brown, and the desired result is Cinnabar, gradually cool and reheat the glass without bringing it to a soft state. Look for it to turn deep brown and then put it into an annealing kiln.
Kiln: Lighter color and greater opacity than in sheet glass form. Rod color is close to 0329 Sheet Glass, Burnt Orange, after a full fuse firing.

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