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HXTAL NYL-1 - A & B  Kit - 110g approx (part A 84g, part B 28g)

HXTAL Epoxy Adhesive is an ultra pure resin that remains water white (clear and totally transparent) over a long period of time even with exposure to direct sunlight. This is an exotic and very high-tech adhesive that is far more sophisticated than hardware store epoxy adhesive, although it is a little more than twice the cost of most of these cheaper epoxies. If you use epoxies at all for your glass sculptures, you know that all epoxies are not created equal. The leader amongst them all is HXTAL!

Used by glass artists, museums and art restorers worldwide for laminating, bonding, and repairing glass.  HXTAL is extremely versatile and can be thinned down for use as a clear coat or allowed to thicken in order to mold into missing parts of glass. With a long history and excellent track record it is one of the best adhesives for bonding glass to glass and glass to other mediums.

HXTAL is supplied in two liquid parts A &B, both of low viscosity. HXTAL epoxy should be weighed out accurately, 3 parts of A plus 1 part of B.

Curing time at 23ºC is about 7 days, placing the object in a warm area (35ºC) will reduce curing time to approx 7 hours.



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