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Silane Primer A-1100 - 250ml

A-1100 is the necessary amino-silane glass pre-treatment for HXTAL to insure maximum bond strength. It prepares your glass surface for adhesion with HXTAL. Our A-1100 comes pre-mixed in a solution of high purity Isopropyl Alcohol and is ready to use out of the bottle. Simple wipe or spray the A-1100 onto your glass surface and dry with hair-dryer or allow to air dry.

A-1100 is an amino silane that has been formulated specifically for aiding certain epoxies in bonding to the silica inherent in glass. The actual A-1100 amino silane is combined in a mixture of Reagent grade Isopropyl Alcohol. When applied to your glass pieces, the Isopropyl Alcohol will evaporate leaving a thin film of the A-1100 on the surface of the glass. This will look somewhat like an oily residue, but will completely disappear once the piece is bonded.

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