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Spectrum Glass

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Spectrum System 96 - manufactured by Oceanside Glass and Tile


Semi-Translucent Aventurine


Spectrum 96 COE, 3mm thick glass, suitable for both fused and stained glass projects.  This special glass with aventurine gives off a gentle sparkle. Unlike the majority of glass from Oceanside this one is hand rolled so you should expect wavy edges and it may also have some roll marks on the surface of the glass.  The addition of the aventurine sparkle will give this semi-translucent style a more dense appearance and offer a fair amount of obscurity.  It really comes to life if lit with natural or artifical light from behind.

Perfect for projects where some obscurity is desired whilst still allowing some light transmission.


Image 1 shows a section of the glass, sheets and patterning will vary. Image 2 shows the glass with natural light coming through from behind. Sizes are approximate.


System 96® is a comprehensive line of Tested Compatible products for glass fusing, kiln casting, torchwork and glass blowing.


Note:Not compatible with Bullseye 90 COE products

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