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Transferring images, photos, texts, drawings or any other graphics onto glass is really easy.

Print the selected image (ideally a good black and white version) with your laser printer or copy machine directly onto the Photo Fusing Decal Paper.

Then proceed as with any other decal.  Place the printed image under water for a short while to separate the decal from the substrate paper, then slide and position it onto the flat glass. Make sure you avoid air and water bubbles, dab with soft tissue paper. Dry well before firing in the kiln.

It can be fired at any fusing temperature (680-800°C) but for optimum results in your kiln, please test fire.

How it works?

The black toner of your  Laser machine contains a percentage of iron, which is heat resistant and fires off to a reddish sepia colour. The image created has a nostalgic touch and is also safe for gift and dinnerware.  It combines memories with glass objects and is a simple process to integrate any image with fused glass. You could even use it to add your signature to your masterpieces!

Please note: the iron oxide may react with certain glass colours, leading to more brownish or grayish shades.

Working in multi layers?

Photo Fusing Decal Paper is perfectly suited to be placed in between glass layers. To make sure the decal binder can fire off cleanly, fire the Photo Fusing Decal Paper onto individual layers separately and then fuse all the layers together to form a block in a subsequent firing.


Photo Fusing Decal Paper in slumped glass?

No problem. Fire the decal onto the flat glass first and then slump the piece in a subsequent firing. 


Do I need a special printer?

Most HP, and all Cannon Black ONLY laser printer, photocopier or fax machines (with NO ability to print colour) can be used. Some HP toners do not contain Iron Oxide or Ferrite which is required for this process to work so please check your printer's toner cartridge number on HP’s MSDS site to make sure:


Full instructions and tips will be sent with the product.

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