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Grain Size: Fine (1.00 - 2.50mm)

The concept of float compatible accessory glass is to allow you to work; with the most affordable and readily-available base glass - float - and take it to the next level.
There is a pallet which consists of around 40 colours of frit and powder in different sizes, as well as a large selection of stringers, confetti and BoraBora bubble effect powder.

These products are tested COE 82 +/-3, which makes them compatible with most float glasses worldwide. Individual studio testing is recommended, especially in the case of larger projects and multiple firings.  ‘Crazing’ of the finish project could be an indication of incompatibility ie your base glass is outside the usual COE range.  Swapping to a different batch of base sheet should resolve this.

Firing recommendation (these are approximations, you may need to make slight adjustments for your kiln):

Full fuse - ca. 835°C
Tack fuse - ca. 760°C
Annealing - ca. 520°C

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