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Oceanside System 96 - COE 96              Size: 450g

System 96 frit is made in 5 sizes. The standard sizes are:

·        F1 Powder    (.13mm to .25mm) 

·        F2 Fine          (.25mm to .75mm)

·        F3 Medium   (.75mm to 2.5mm)

·        F5 Coarse     (2.5mm to 7.6mm)

Glass Frit plays a role in every segment of the hot glass arts. Each colour is crushed, magnetically cleaned, and screened into specific sizes for a variety of applications. 

In general, larger sizes of frit tend to fill cavities with less bubble entrapment, while smaller sizes blend colours with smoother transitions.  Powders can be used for painterly use on top of sheet glass or making "wafers" for high detail components in fusing. Frits can also be cast into moulds for fun and dramatic 3 dimensional effects.   The possibilities are endless.

System 96® is a comprehensive line of Tested Compatible products for glass fusing, kiln casting, torchwork and glass blowing.  These products have been Expansion-Matched to a nominal C.O.E. of 96, then factory-tested for fusing compatibility.

Oceanside work in partnership with Spectrum to create a complete Hot-Glass program called System 96®.

Note: Not compatible with Bullseye products which have a COE of 90.

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