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Diazo-UV-polymer photoemulsion set comprising: 900g AZOCOL Z1 and 100g DIAZO No6 Sensitizing agent, for the production of water and solvent resistant stencils in screenprinting.

For best results we recommend that you clean your screen using Pregan Degreasing Agent, rinse and dry thoroughly, prior to applying AZOCOL. Dry thoroughly in a dark environment before exposure.

The stencil is created by UV-light hardening of the non-printing parts preferably using a metal halide lamp. 

To remove the image, clean the screen with Pregasol Decoating Agent or Pregan Ghost Image Remover where necessary.


Storage (at 20-25°C) - Unsensitized: 1 year (at 20-25°C), Sensitized: 6 weeks.  Protect from freezing.

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