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The author, Robert Dancik has been an artist/teacher for over 30 years, his work features in many books, magazines, museums and galleries all over the world and he holds degrees in fine art and sculpture but mostly, Robert just likes making things!

His beautifully illustrated book teaches you simple techniques for creating meaningful jewellery using a myriad of materials from found objects to sheet metals and wire, from polymer clay to acrylic and even concrete!

This book is sure to delight and inspire with so many techniques covered.  Robert will show you how to drill it, file it, rivet it, colour it, shape it, fire it, but ultimately he'll show you how to make truely unique jewellery.


Step by step pictures and instructions for 20 projects, plus a whole host of other information on techniques, materials and tools.

207mm x 260mm paperback, 143 pages, full colour

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