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Art Clay Silver
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This New version combines the conventional AC paste with the AC Oil Paste.
 Shrinkage 10% - previous version 20%
 Priced as before - in 20g and 10g bottles
 Firing range 650°C - 800°C as before


Can now be used effectively to connect dry and fired AC component and for attaching silver accessories.
Improved strength.


Used for filling cracks, creating textures and especially the reproduction of leaves and other objects from nature.

Typically, Art Clay Paste is applied with a brush with synthetic bristles. If you want to apply several layers (for leaves approx. 10 - 12 individual layers), make sure to dry each application before adding the next one.

The bottle usually stays open during the work, i.e. the water may evaporate a little. In this case just add a couple of drops of distilled water, close the bottle so that the water can be absorbed homogenously into the paste. You can also generate Art Clay paste from dust produced from sanding or grinding. Add this dust to your paste pot, add some distilled water and mix with a spatula.

10g Paste is enough for the reproduction of 1 small leaf.


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