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Art Clay Silver
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Art Clay Copper is a clay material that can be utilized to make a wide range of pieces such as jewellery, craft designs, and objects like sculptures and models.
It can be fired in an electric kiln (without using carbon) at 970 for 30 minutes, with the resulting fired piece being more than 99.5% pure Copper.
(The percentage of copper in Art Clay Copper still in the clay state is 90%.)

Smaller pieces of less than 35g can be torch fired for about 7 minutes (at red glowing stage).  Either firing method requires the piece to be quenched immediately after firing, so keep your bowl of water handy.  This reduces the oxidation scale and makes any that forms fall away.

Copper clay should be stored at normal room temperatures and out of direct sunlight.  Open clay should be wrapped tightly in clingfilm and in an airtight container.  Any dark oxidised clay that appears should be removed before use.

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