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A set of 3 different sized tips in their own handy little container, used to apply paint in lines of varying thickness.  Unscew the top cone shaped part of the Colorline bottle (leaving the main cap in place), twist on one of the metal tips and off you go!  Remember to wash the tip through with water after use, or use the thin wires supplied to help clear any stubborn blockages.


Color Line Paints & Pens are high fire enamels for glass or ceramics in a fantastic range of intense colours. Available in squeeze bottles for use as lining pens or in larger units for painting, airbrushing, screen printing and more!

The firing range is from 700°C to 820°C (1300°F – 1510°F). All colours have extremely strong pigmentation, are lead-free and freely mixable to obtain further shades. They are homogenous and smooth in water based medium, environmentally friendly, and easy to use in exactly the required amount ensuring low wastage. All auxiliary products are also lead-free.



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