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Illustrated with over 250 full color photographs of processes, equipment, and works of art, Johnathon Schmuck’s The Joy of Coldworking is the first extensive publication on coldworking techniques for the glass artist.

The Joy of Coldworking seeks to fill in the gaps in the documentation and knowledge of all aspects of coldworking by guiding the reader through a myriad of processes and techniques, including:

•  Information about virtually every major piece of coldworking equipment, from belt sanders to lap wheels to saws to glass lathes and more;

• Tips and techniques for hand finishing, fire polishing, drilling, and working with acid;

• Recommendations for specific equipment to purchase and use;

• Information about setting up and improving your personal coldshop;

• A history of coldworking, from ancient works such as the Portland Vase and the Cage Cup to contemporary masterpieces;

• A thorough discussion of safety principles for all machines and processes discussed;

• Aesthetic principles and approaches to coldworking.

More than anything else, the aim of The Joy of Coldworking is to address the dread that many people feel about coldworking.  With the proper instruction, equipment, and technique, it’s not only possible to turn a good piece of glass into a great one, it’s also possible to turn dread into joy.


Author: Johnathon Schmuck
Format: Paperback, 208 pages
Size: 278 x 216mm

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