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Boxes with Nathan Sandberg - USA


1-4 June 2015 (Mon-Thur)


To build a glass box using the kiln glass method is a big challenge and has therefore been relatively unexplored.

Nathan Sandberg uses moulds built from vermiculite board, which are screwed together and lined with cerapaper. This mould making method eliminates the use of casting plaster (and the subsequent cleaning-up). Special challenges are presented in the general precision of the technique, the exact calculation of glass volume, the positioning of colour and cold working after the firing. Nathan will present simple and inexpensive methods by hand using a Micro Motor (Dremmel).

The firing of hollow pieces requires long annealing times, which is why in class we will work with pre-determined box dimensions and wall thicknesses.


Skill Level

Some glass cutting experience is advantageous.

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