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Uroboros System 96 - COE 96

The area left of the diagonal stripe on the image above, is fused over clear (lighter color), while the area to the right is fused over white opal (darker color).


System 96® is a comprehensive line of Tested Compatible products for glass fusing, kiln casting, torchwork and glass blowing.
These products have been Expansion-Matched to a nominal C.O.E. of 96, then factory-tested for fusing compatibility.

Uroboros work in partnership with Spectrum, to create "Tested Compatible" products.  Together they produce a complete Hot-Glass program called System 96®.


Uroboros System 96 Speciality glasses are manufactured in half sheet size (60x60cm), therefore, this is the maximum sheet size we can offer.


SF  - denominates compatibility with all other SF marked System 96 products.

Note: Not compatible with Bullseye products which have a C.O.E of 90.

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