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F Grade 50/50 solder in a roll.

50% Tin / 50% Lead - for all-round general use - medium shiny finish and strength, ideal for soldering lead came in stained glass windows and panels.




This is a Lead based product and is therefore classified as HAZARDOUS to FERTILITY and the UNBORN CHILD. You should seek professional instruction before use.  Please wear gloves and wash your hands regularly when using this product, but especially before eating, drinking or smoking. You should avoid inhalation of fumes/work in a well ventilated area.  A safety data sheet (MSDS) is available for further details of hazards and precautions.

Eye protection:                             Goggles or visor should be worn to protect against molten metals.

Respiratory protection:               To be used to avoid inhaling vapor / fumes during soldering.

Skin protection:                            Gloves and overalls to be worn.



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