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Hybrid Processes - Kilncasting and Pate de Verre with Marina Hanser

6-9 March 2018  (Tuesday-Friday)


Glass is an amazing material for artists to work with because of its ability to be many things at once; transparent, opaque, translucent, rough, smooth and of course polished to a glossy finish.


In this workshop we will explore the hybrid process of combining traditional high-temperature kiln casting with the low-temperature technique of pâte de verre to produce work which reveals the wide variety of different properties glass has to offer. The process will take us through mould making techniques, working with frit, powder and billets, various firing cycles, cold working and more.


We will start out by exploring pâte de verre, making components using different materials for the model and mould, which we will then pack with frit and fire at a low temperature. These components will be further worked on before they are re-fired several times. The goal is to obtain transparent, translucent and opaque effects all in one piece.


Finally, a little cold working will complete these amazing and highly complex class projects.


Skill Level - Some experience in glass fusing would be advantageous


For more details on the artist and her work please visit:

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