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MASTERCLASS: From Paper to Glass with Nisha Bansil

11- 15 May 2019 (Saturday to Wednesday) 

Nisha Bansil's application of origami (paper folding technique) implemented in Pâte de Verre is unique in that she manages to make the lightness and subtlety of folded paper tangible with the medium of glass.


Nisha is a freelance artist, living in New York. In 2016, she was Artist in Residence at the Corning Museum of Glass and at the Bullseye glass company, where this workshop was developed. Anyone who is interested in Pâte de Verre will find her an extremely competent teacher.


In this class you will learn techniques for folding paper into complex structures that take their inspiration from the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. You will learn how to make a negative from these paper models using investment material and how to create complex glass elements. The main focus will be on the mould making and Pâte de Verre techniques which Nisha uses in her own work.

Of course, firing cycles, temperatures and the special casting technique of Pâte de Verre will also be discussed in detail.


Skill Level:  Prior glassworking/fusing experience necessary

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