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Spectrum Glass

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Please note red shades can vary from batch to batch so please ensure you buy suffcient quantity for your project. Our current stock is a lighter shade than the previous batch and appears a more orange/red.

Spectrum System 96 - manufactured by Oceanside Glass and Tile

Spectrum 96 COE, 3mm thick glass, suitable for both fused and stained glass projects.  This coloured glass is transparent with a soft rippled 'waterglass' texture across the surface giving images seen through it a slightly wavy/obscured appearance from a distance, close-up images are more visible depending on the depth of colour.

Image shows a section of the patterned transparent glass with objects behind. Sizes are approximate.


System 96® is a comprehensive line of Tested Compatible products for glass fusing, kiln casting, torchwork and glass blowing.

Note: Not compatible with Bullseye 90 COE products

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