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Cherry Blossom Ring with Joy Funnell

7 February 2020 (Friday) 


If you would like to learn how to make a ring, that is both textured and carved and discover how to set different shaped stones, then join us for this fun one day workshop where you’ll begin by learning how to make a ring with a textured band and how to size it correctly. Then you’ll make a topper for the band which will include a variety of stones; you’ll learn how to set round stones and non-round stones using two different methods.  Finally, you’ll also do some carving of the metal clay to add interest to all the edges.  All this will be taught to you by the lovely Joy Funnell, an exceptional metal clay teacher with many years of experience, who is always ready with a wealth of metal clay tips and tricks.


The workshop includes: 25g Art Clay Silver, a variety of fireable stones, as well as a little Art Clay Silver syringe.  Refreshments and lunch will also be provided.


To make this treat even more special, why not also register for our Saturday class 'The Golden Touch' and make your ring truly amazing by adding some gold accents?  All attendees who take advantage of this double-dose of Joy will receive a FREE 7g pack of Art Clay Silver as a bonus.


Skill Level: No prior metal clay experience required.





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