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Go With The Flow Workshop Seminar with Nathan Sandberg

22-23 October 2020 (Thur 9.30 to 5pm - Fri 10 to 4pm, 2 days) 


When glass is exposed to adequate heat work in the kiln, it seeks a thickness of 6mm. This principle, in combination with simple engineering ranging from stacking glass to making ramps and placing glass on an incline can be exploited in a variety of ways - many of which are still relatively unexplored at this point in the history of kiln glass. 

In 2005 Nathan Sandberg was one member of the team of Bullseye Glass Co. technicians working with internationally known ceramic artist Jun Kaneko on a massive kilnformed glass project.  In the years that followed Nathan helped develop curriculum in kiln glass that built upon the discoveries made during the Kaneko Factory Exchange.

In 2020 Nathan will return to Europe with a condensed, lecture heavy, version of the Original “Go With The Flow” workshop.  Classroom time will be spent considering how glass moves and how we can use flow to our advantage. Principles of flow, deformation and displacement will be presented and discussed. Coldworking and Finishing will be demonstrated on the second day. There will be one small hands on project per student which will require individual effort, post class, to finish. All are welcome, the only prerequisites are the ability to cut glass and a willingness to experiment and learn. 


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