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Art Clay Silver
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Size: 85mm x 85mm x 0.6mm thick approx

Weight: 35g

Shrinkage rate: 8-9%

At approximately 2.5x thicker than normal Paper Type, this version allows you to create origami-style 3D folded structures, with crisp edges that don’t break or crack.  It can be cut with scissors or a craft knife and due to retaining a degree of flexibility after firing, can even be used to create pinch bails.

Must be fired in a kiln from room temperature to 850°C with a 20 minute hold (or 800°C with a 30 minute hold), not suitable for torch firing.

Special Tips:

  • Do not apply additional moisture to the Paper Type when creating your design as it may cause it to disintegrate. 
  • Any cracks which develop should be repaired with Art Clay Overlay Paste after the initial firing.
  • There’s no need to dry prior to firing – using a dehydrator or similar will make the product brittle.
  • Store unused Paper Type in an airtight bag/container at room temperature


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