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Thompson Enamel
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Medium temperature – medium expansion enamel for copper, gold, silver, low carbon steel and metal clay.

Enamels are normally applied by sifting but can also be mixed with water and inlayed or charged onto to the substrate surface in a thinish layer.

Normal firing temperature range: 760-815ºC (1400-1500ºF)
Coefficient of expansion range: 258-360 cubic expansion

c. 20g, 80 mesh


It is important to pre-test enamels prior to use in a project as colours shown on different devices will not always match the product. Enamels may also vary slightly from batch to batch. Additionally, due to the composition of some colours, (particularly red, orange, yellow, pink, purple), enamels may react when applied to some metals, (more commonly copper and silver).  A base coat of clear or white (2020, 1030) will help to alleviate this.  Typical reactions include colours darkening, turning to brown/black, transparents appearing opaque, blues appearing green.


Thompson Enamel do not recommend the use of their enamels for food contact surfaces. Although they are very acid resistant and do not contain lead, their final food safe properties may depend on enamel application and firing.

As with all glass powders, you should practice safe use:

·         Keep out of reach of children.

·         Use in well ventilate area and/or use appropriate NIOSH-certified mask.

·         When using, do not eat, drink or smoke.

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